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League Of Ancients

Play largely DBM, although DBR, DBA and HOTT put in an appearance occasionally - even some 7th edition. There are about 30+ members with usual attendance 15-20. We meet on the third Sunday of every month at the RAAF Club, Cromwell Street, South Yarra. Both 15mm and 25mm are played, sometimes 6mm, but phone beforehand or contact Martin if you want to make sure of a game in other than 15mm. Normally, Rory from The Military Bookroom and Brian Hall of The Hall of Ancient Warriors are in attendance. The League is also responsible for organising the Victorian DBM Titles.

Contact: Martin Morgan

Altona Wargames Club

Organise 'Caesars Challenge' an annual Book 2 Tournament - further details to follow.


Northern Suburbs Wargames Association

We play miniatures of all Kinds, esp. DBM Seven Years War, Naval, WW2, Full Thrust, and Skirmish games like Warhammer and Blood Bowl. Boardgames from Empires in Arms and World in Flames, through History of the World and A House Divided to Naval War, Family Business and rail games. RPG's of all sorts.

We meet Every Sunday from 1pm at the community centre 66 Clyde st Northcote. Dues are A$30 per year. We also run Lionheart Book 3/4 DBM Competition with our famous BBQ!

Contact:Bob Blanchett (club secretary) Phone: (03)9383 4951 (Django) (03)9484 3456 (Sunday only)

Nunawading Wargames Club


Western Suburbs Wargames Club

Country Victoria

None Known

New South Wales


Cumberland Association of Sydney

We meet every second sunday of the month. All periods and scales are acceptable, indeed encouraged. Contact the club via their Homepage above:

or email Chris Kendrick for further details.

Northern Sydney Wargames Association Homepage

The club has been running since 1970. We have two 25mm Napoleonic campaigns going on at the moment. The longest running one has been going for 3 years now; the other started last December. The first one is covering all of Europe and is based on Napoleon's return from Elba in 1815. We are now up to April 1816. The other Napoleonic campaign is set in Spain 1811 and they are representing every Infantry Battalion, Cavalry Regiment and Artillery Battery in Spain as of June 1811. We have a 15mm ACW campaign just starting last month. There are 15mm Ancient players and 5mm SYW, as well as Boardgamers.

The association meets the 2nd Sunday of each month at the nothern Sydney suburb of Lindfield. Membership costs A$10-A$30 a year. This entitles the member to the bi-monthly newsletter The Despatch and a 5% discount on all purchases at the 'The Tin Soldier' stores and 'Napoleons Bookshops.' All are welcome to come.


8/12 Wargames Club.

Located at Holsworthy Barracks in SW Sydney (near Liverpool). Club was formed inthe late 1980' by Soldiers stationed in the Holsworthy Garrison. Club meets most Thursday Nights from 6pm onwards and normally two Sundays each month. Contact the club via their Homepage above:

or email the Club President Scott Driscoll for further details.

The Club hosts the "Phalangite Fury" & "Grass Crown" DBM Tournaments each year.


Warabrook Renaissance Gamers

has been around in various iterations for about 15 or so years. Mainly focused on 25mm Pike and Shot but not to  the exclusion of another period or scale. Current meeting format is that we meet about 5-6 times a year, generally in the Newcastle Area, however, we are trying to secure a venue to hold a meeting in Sydney this year (we were going to hold a meeting at Historicon but we got the turf because of a shortage of space?) Our meetings take the format of 2 x 3 hour rounds, DBR 25mm on 6 x 4' tables 1mm = 1pace. They are quick and easy games. A rolling draw is sort of programmed but nothing hard and fast.

Contact: Ian Gray 

Country NSW

Blue Mountains Wargames Club

(which meets the second Friday of each month in the Drama Room at St Columba's High School, Hawkesbury Road, Springwood, from 8.00 pm to around 1.00 am).

The Amiable Richmond River Gamers ARRG

ARRG is a small group of gamers in the Lismore , Byron bay area of northern New South Wales .We play mostly DBM , DBR and POW with plenty of spare armies for beginners .No fee's and very informal ,we play for the fun of it , with the occasional trips to comps in Brisbane etc . Contact Chris Cameron

South Australia


None Known

Country South Australia

None Known

West Australia


Napoleonic Wargaming Society Inc.

Country WA

None Known



None Known

Country Tasmania

None Known



The Claymore Gaming Club

We (45+ members) are a non-profit club (A$5 membership) that holds bi-monthly meetings and regular tournaments for Games Workshop games. WHFB, 40K, Necro and Epic are all played. New and inexpereinced members are welcome. The club has several armies new players can try out to learn the rules. Free (magic word!) terrain making and painting days are held also. If you're interested in becoming a cunning Skaven Warlord, noble High Elven General or a destructive Chaos Warrior come along to the Claymore Club. We are at the Robina Town Centre, Gold Coast, Australia. More information is available through Toyworld, Robina or by e-mailing the President (ME!) at:

The Praetorians

We meet third sunday of each month at the Yeronga Services Club, Fairfield Road Yeronga. Contact Gary Wait via e-mail or on  07 3369 1176

We are ONLY interested in historical gaming of any type and feature a licensed bar and restaurant, airconditioning and pokies !

Brisbane Independent Gamers

Are you interested in Wargames? Brisbane Independent Gamers is looking for new members. The club is situated at the Serbian Hall on the corner of Vulture St and Stephens Rd, South Brisbane (opposite Vulture St Railway Station). We meet on the second and fourth Sundays of each month. Start time is 9am and the club closes at 5pm.

We cater for a wide range of Wargaming interests. The types of games covered are: Ancients (from Egyptians to Medievals using 15 mm or 25 mm miniature with DBM or WAB rules), Black Powder (covering Napoleonics, American Civil War and Renaissance using 15 mm miniatures), 20th Century (including modern land and naval warfare using 20 mm figures or 1/1200 scale naval), Future and Fantasy (including Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K and Epic 40K) as well as all sorts of board games, collectable card games and Role Playing.

Membership is $16.00 (adult) per year. That equates to approximately .70c per game day. Concessions are available for students, etc. There is also a casual game fee of $2.00 per day (for those who can’t afford the whole $16.00 or just want to come and try it out first).

Apart from the normal club meetings, there are also competitions held throughout the year in Brisbane as well as inter and intra state. Anyone who is interested, feel free to just turn up at the club and make yourself known, you’ll be most welcome. We have a kitchen facility at the club with food and drinks available at reasonable prices.

If you have any questions, or if you just want to try and organise a game locally, call any of the following (after hours):

Dennis Misso – at Canungra on (07) 55434090,

Ian Baxendell – at Chandler on (07) 38232914, or

Bryan Gagen – at Hamilton on (07) 32629348.

Country Queensland

None Known

Northern Territory


None Known

Country Northern Territory

None Known



Canberra Games Society

The Canberra Games Society inc (CGS) is a non-profit organisation devoted to the furthering of gaming and its concepts throughout the Canberra region.

What do we do? The CGS runs Australia's longest running convention, CANCON, each year on the Australia Day Long Weekend. We also boast a membership in excess of 200 people of all ages. On average, we have around 75 non-members who regularly attend meetings each month.

What do we play? Along with a committe of seven avid gamers, the CGS covers the following range of games:

  1. Roleplaying (including ADnD, Vampire, Cyberpunk and SLA industries)
  2. Miniatures (including Warhammer 40K, Ancients, Napoleonics, Modern Day Microarmour and Bloodbowl)
  3. Freeform (eg Vampire)
  4. Collectable Card Games (including Magic: The Gathering, Jyhad, Rage, Star Trek and Illuminati)

Contact: Simon LeRay-Meyer

The Cumberland Society

A loose (and free) association of miniatures wargamers located in the Capital Territory. We welcome individuals of all ages and interests, with an emphasis on historical gaming, but a growing list of players of fantasy games (not RPG - sorry!). We play such a range of things that there is little point clogging the bandwidth! The club meets bi-monthly on Sundays. Members pay AUD$5.00 for playing all day at a meeting ... and you only have to ask and you are a member.

Contact: Mark Newman.

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